Pine Island Organics' GASTRONOMY COLLECTION is designed to help you explore the art and science of eating well.  From the science of human digestion to the study of cultures and the way they interact with food, gastronomy is all about the relationship between humans, food and the world we live in.

Pine Island Organics' GASTRONOMY COLLECTION meets strict USDA National Organic Program's standards.  

Dr. B's BETTER BITTERS evolved from his lifetime interest in traditional herbal remedies.  Dr. B prepares his BITTERS in an alcoholic base that is flavored with herbs and botanicals to produce a bitter, sour or bittersweet flavor.  Dr. B's digestive BITTERS can be consumed "neat", over ice or with sparkling water at the end of a meal.  Dr. B's BETTER BITTERS also pack a lot of flavor when added to traditional cocktails.

Pine Island Organics' BOTANICALS COLLECTION includes our increasingly popular TURMERIC CAPSULES, MATCHA TEA POWDER and HOLY BASIL.  

Our antioxidant-rich Organic HERBAL TEA COLLECTION includes Chai, Hibiscus Flower, Immune Support, Lemongrass, Liver Support. Tulsi or Turmeric Spice that taste great served hot or cold.  We invite you to sample one of our iced brews at a LOCAL MARKET.


Pine Island Organics' SALT and SPICE COLLECTION includes the finest natural certified organic salts, herbs, spices and spice blends from around the globe. 


Dr. Barron shares recipes featuring our GASTRONOMY COLLECTIONS in his NEWSLETTER.

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